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dwyl is a team of people using technology to solve real problems

Our Offering

Product Development

We build mobile-first MVPs with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

User testing

We mentor you on user testing, customer development and product ownership.


We provide professional training for developers in TDD, Node.js and React.

Our Process

The traditional way of building apps is fundamentally broken, with long projects that are only tested with real users once the whole project has been built:

dwyl process diagram part a

We provide you with an increment you can test after every build phase:

dwyl process diagram part b
  1. 1. Understand the problem

    We understand the problem that has been identified and confirm the intended users feel the pain and need for a solution.
  2. 2. Build the next iteration of the solution

    We build the solution following agile/lean software development best practices and get feedback from users as fast as possible.
  3. 3. Review feedback

    We review all feedback and confirm we are making progress toward solving the problem.

By iterating over these 3 simple steps we maintain a tight feedback loop between the people building and using the product or service, ensuring we meet your needs quickly and without waste. Like the way we work? Get in touch!

Let's Talk!

Tel: 07708796446 Email: hello@dwyl.io

Address: 16 Palmers Road, London, E2 0SY U.K.

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